HOUSTON – December 11, 2023 – The start of the school year is always exciting for Dallas ISD, but this year is particularly memorable. Dallas ISD, a leading school district in the US, has partnered with Identity Automation to advance its digital infrastructure and enhance security. The district has implemented a new digital infrastructure system called RapidIdentity, enhancing security and technology. By providing access to the latest technology and resources, Dallas ISD is taking an important step forward in prioritizing student and teacher success, allowing them to devote their time and energy to what truly matters – innovative teaching and learning.

The district's previous on-premise identity and access management system had become difficult to maintain and secure due to insufficient knowledge transfer between the legacy vendor and the district's IT team. Additionally, a patchwork of custom code added to the burdensome complexity of the system over time. Working with Cloud Architects Danh Dang and Daniel Olivas, Jon Hurley, the district's Assistant Superintendent of Technology, chose three criteria for the new system: simplicity, standardization, and security. RapidIdentity met all the criteria and was chosen for its K-12 environment focus and real engineering talent.

The first implementation phase of RapidIdentity included Lifecycle Management to automate the full identity lifecycle of their users and Authentication to offer seamless, one-click access to all resources with single sign-on (SSO) as well as an added layer of security with multi-factor authentication (MFA). An advanced account claiming process and proactive communication made the transition easier for teachers.

Since RapidIdentity went live in July 2023, Dallas ISD has seen sweeping changes across the district's security, backend management, and classroom experience. Student data is more secure thanks to RapidIdentity and deploying MFA across all applications. With various authentication methods, including pictographs and QR codes, students receive a highly personalized experience on any device. Teachers enjoy maximizing instructional time and reducing friction in the classroom. The district also noticed a 60% drop in service desk tickets during the first week of school compared to the same time a year prior.

Oftentimes, you find edtech vendors who have a K-12 focus but don’t have real engineering talent to back it up. Engineering and product management at RapidIdentity think about the classroom.” — Jon Hurley, Assistant Superintendent of Technology, Dallas ISD

The team is now considering more self-service opportunities for students and additional security features, including RapidIdentity PhishID for district-wide, in-browser, and anti-phishing protection. RapidIdentity has proven to be a simple, easy-to-use, and easy-to-understand solution that meets the district's Cloud-first strategy, simplifies processes, and relies on trusted partners.

About Identity Automation
Identity Automation provides identity and access management (IAM) solutions for K-12 and higher education. Its flagship platform, RapidIdentity, safeguards learning environments, maximizes instructional time and minimizes the load on Information & Educational Technology teams. Technology leaders turn to RapidIdentity for its best-in-class security capabilities, time-saving automation, and flexible approach to managing digital identities. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, Identity Automation is trusted by Chicago Public Schools, Public Schools of North Carolina, University of Rochester, Houston Community College, and hundreds of other institutions. To learn more about partnering with Identity Automation, visit www.identityautomation.com.

About Dallas ISD
The Dallas Independent School District is continually preparing nearly 141,000 students for college or a career. The district offers a competitive mix of innovative programs, choice programs and instructional initiatives that support the increased academic achievement and the social and emotional development of its students. Innovation, tenacity, vision, and equity are key drivers that have shaped Dallas ISD into one of the area's most prominent and forward-looking school districts. To learn more, visit www.dallasisd.org.

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