Launching a new IAM solution that is tailored for statewide, regional and distributed education institutions

HOUSTON – August 1, 2023 – Identity Automation, announces RapidIdentity Universal Identity, a first-of-its-kind innovation that establishes a hub-and-spoke identity fabric, seamlessly connecting an entire county, state, system, consortium, or even nation's diverse academic and governmental institutions into a cohesive system of identity and cybersecurity automation. The Universal Identity presents a centralized identity store that seamlessly links individual LEAs (Local Education Agencies) to the state, facilitating secure data sharing and portability across a connective identity fabric. 

This solution allows institutions to avoid redundant data entry and discrepancies and embrace efficient decision-making between centralized and local organizational units, while significantly reducing administrative burden. The approach centralizes the functions that must be centralized, while allowing local agencies and campuses to decentralize decisions that are better made near the point of learning. This approach allows education institutions to strike a harmonious balance between top-level governance and local adaptability. This Universal Identity fabric empowers the central system to enforce standardized policies, processes, and access controls, while granting local institutions the autonomy to shape their destinies, blending consistency and innovation seamlessly.

Designed exclusively for the education sector, the Universal Identity fabric is well-versed in the unique complexities of educational data, enabling informed decision-making, personalized learning, and improved student outcomes. This distinctive capability is the key to unlocking your state's educational potential, proving superior to previous attempts of retrofitting commercial identity tools, which are inherently designed for enterprise use cases and users. By integrating employment, demographic, and academic data, Universal Identity ensures seamless and secure access to resources, thereby enhancing teaching and learning. This system establishes a truly federated and distributed identity fabric across the state, fostering collaboration, sharing of best practices, and driving innovation by breaking down data silos and harnessing the power of collective knowledge. 

“This is a real-world example of how the US education system can leverage AI and innovation to harden its cybersecurity posture to protect our national infrastructure (schools) and protect student data.” says CEO, Jim Harold. “This is the type of collective initiative that would be achievable for all states if FCC Chairperson Rosenworcel’s $200m pilot is successful and e-rate funds become available for cybersecurity in K-12.”

In an age where cybersecurity emerges as the foremost challenge and priority, states and local institutions find themselves embattled against malicious actors targeting the education sector. The Universal Identity solution rises to meet this challenge, integrating district monitoring and logs into a centralized statewide Security Operations Center (SOC) to enhance visibility, detection, and response. Moreover, it features a statewide Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) system, leveraging LEA data to execute coordinated and automated responses to security incidents, empowering swift and decisive action to safeguard our education system. At the individual user level, Universal Identity incorporates point-and-click AI phishing protection, real-time threat intelligence reporting, and constant monitoring and remediation of user passwords against breaches, effectively mitigating the risk of accounts being compromised by criminals, thereby averting ransomware attacks. Proactively addressing risks and safeguarding students' futures while preserving the integrity of the educational ecosystem.

To further enhance user experience, the Universal Identity solution boasts a user-friendly interface offering K-12 friendly passwordless and multi-factor authentication options, providing unparalleled convenience without compromising security. With the implementation of the RapidIdentity Universal Identity solution, your state's education system will thrive, embracing the trifecta of data, security, and innovation. This solution enables the state to offer equitable world-class services to all constituents, regardless of size, by purchasing as a larger cohort while maintaining local flexibility and independence.

Preceding this landmark announcement, Identity Automation has successfully partnered with multiple organizations at the University System, State, and Federal level to bring components of this vision to life. The RapidIdentity Universal Identity Fabric has already been deployed to connect disparate ecosystems across the US, Canada, and Europe.

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