Highlights Include Password Blacklist Screening, Scheduled Entitlements, & QR Code Branding

HOUSTON, TX, April 28, 2020 –

Identity Automation today announced the latest release to RapidIdentity, the most complete Identity and Access Management (IAM) platform on the market. New enhancements include password blacklist screening, scheduled entitlements, and FIPS compliance certification, among others.

“At Identity Automation, we put a strong focus on our customer’s needs and strive for continuous innovation and improvement of our solutions,” said Michael Webb, Chief Technology Officer at Identity Automation. “We are pleased to announce the latest generation of RapidIdentity and provide our customers with the most in-demand capabilities for today’s evolving IAM challenges.”

The Summer 2020 RapidIdentity update is the first release of the year and includes enhancements, such as:

  • Password Blacklist Screening: If enabled, this feature uses an API-open service to screen new passwords against a database provided by Have I Been Pwned to determine if a password has been revealed in past data breaches and if so, notifies the user to select a different password.
  • Scheduled Entitlements: This new feature aligns with Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) change management best practices to enable users to request entitlements for a future date/time. While privileged access can be granted in advance, RapidIdentity does not execute the provisioning workflow until the specified date/time. This process can also seamlessly integrate with change management systems for complete automation.
  • FIPS Compliance Certification: While previously Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) compliant, a set of computer system security standards set by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), RapidIdentity ExactAccess and QwickAccess are now FIPS certified.
  • Enhanced QwickAccess IGEL Shared Sessions: QwickAccess users can now login to shared instances of Hyperspace via Citrix on a kiosk workstation, enabling clinicians to use the same device through a generic account. Users then authenticate to the shared Hyperspace instance using their individual user accounts. This enhancement enables a single IGEL device to be used by more clinicians, without compromising security and auditability.
  • QR Code Branding: This feature gives school districts more personalization capabilities in QR codes, such as customized colors, font, and text for QR codes and QRC badges.
  • New Integration Support for Epic: Identity Automation now supports the connection from RapidIdentity Automated Lifecycle Management to Epic EMR to push identity lifecycle updates. 
  • Added Thin Client Support: The RapidIdentity Summer 2020 update also includes new QwickAccess support for HP ThinPro 7.1.

Users will also experience general usability improvements along with these updates. To learn more, call your account representative or contact sales@identityautomation.com.

About Identity Automation
Identity Automation helps organizations secure the new perimeter, increase business agility, and deliver an enhanced user experience with RapidIdentity, the most complete identity, access, governance, and administration platform available. RapidIdentity addresses fully automated lifecycle management, comprehensive identity governance, multi-factor authentication, secure single sign-on, password management, privileged access management, and more. Identity Automation operates globally with tens of millions of identities managed across on-premises and cloud resources. For more information, visit: www.identityautomation.com.

Kathleen Garska