Stands as a flexible, seamless authentication designed to address unique scalability, usability and
persona-based needs among students and educators

Enables ‘authenticate to anything’ for students, teachers and staff

HOUSTON – September 29, 2022Identity Automation, the digital identity platform for education,
today announced general availability of its Universal Authentication Director, a key capability of their
award-winning Identity and Access Management (IAM) platform, RapidIdentity.

Universal Authentication Director allows districts to introduce multi-factor authentication (MFA) to
both staff and students without disrupting their classroom experience. Unlike MFA solutions that are
built for enterprises, authentication used by a school district needs to cater to the vast ranges of
age, skill levels and roles within a district’s base of users. Using the same authentication method for
administrators, special needs students, and teachers would increase the risk of lost learning time or
decrease efficiency for IT.

Districts often find themselves straddling authentication solutions that were designed for less
dynamic corporate networks and prominent edtech solutions that successfully focus on streamlining
schooling yet lack needed security integrations. Identity Automation’s new Universal Authentication
Director addresses this gap and is designed to work alongside all existing edtech investments, such
as classroom management tools.

“With an aim to ensure digital equity and access for all, we’re pleased to unveil Universal
Authentication Director as the latest offering within our RapidIdentity IAM platform,” said Jim Harold,
CEO at Identity Automation. “This launch arms districts with the ability to seamlessly blend
authentication across all web applications and for all users, once they’re on RapidIdentity, so IT no
longer has to worry about activating a myriad of MFA options across their edtech ecosystem and
users authenticate once when they begin using their device. Identity Automation uniquely marries
authentication and authorization – serving as an adaptive security tool that maximizes efficiency and
security like no other K-12 solution available today.”

Without disrupting or changing the classroom experience, Universal Authentication Director
enhances and simplifies security without introducing undue friction that new layers of security often introduce. The lack of intrusion while improving security is sure to please both curriculum and IT
leadership at districts across the country.

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