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How mature is your organization's Identity and Access Management (IAM) program? 

Identity Lifecycle Management (ILM) is the cornerstone of a complete Identity and Access Management solution. Without proper provisioning, management, and deprovisioning of identities, it’s nearly impossible to apply the other core tenets of an IAM strategy. However, effectively managing user accounts at scale in today’s digitally connected world can be overwhelming. 

While organizations once only had to focus on managing employee identities, identity management now also encompasses partners, vendors, customers, and other external users. The challenges associated with managing these identities have increased too, including everything from creating identities in both internal and external applications, to handling identity changes in response to organizational changes, to ensuring identities are disabled or removed in a timely manner when no longer relevant. 

Ready to navigate these challenges and increase your organization’s ILM capabilities? Then join us for a live webinar, Advancing Your Identity Management Strategy with the IAM Maturity Model, Part 5 - Identity Lifecycle Management on Wednesday, September 11th. IAM expert and Identity Automation Co-Founder, Troy Moreland will discuss the levels of ILM maturity with actionable insights into moving through each level.

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  • gain actionable insights into how to evaluate your organization’s current Lifecycle Management maturity level
  • take your ILM strategy to the next level

image - Advancing Your Identity Management Strategy with the IAM Maturity Model, Part 5 - ILM

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