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How mature is your organization's Identity and Access Management (IAM) program? 

Maturity models are the key to improving organizational performance by identifying gaps, setting benchmarks, and establishing priorities—and IAM is no exception. However, increasing your IAM maturity level means not only understanding your organization’s overall position, but also within each focus area of IAM. This seven-part webinar series examines the maturity models for each of the major IAM tenants: Federation, Multi-Factor Authentication, Single Sign-On, Delegated Administration, Identity Lifecycle Management, Access Management, and Governance.

Our series kicks off with the Federation, which enables organizations to integrate with applications without exposing critical systems or data by leveraging a trusted party to identify and authenticate constituents.

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  • to gain practical and actionable insights for updating and refining your organization's federation efforts
  • whether you are in the beginning phase of your IAM program, wanting to take it to the next level, or simply looking to the future!

Maturity Model Webinar - Federation


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