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How mature is your organization's Identity and Access Management (IAM) program? 

The foundation of a mature Identity and Access Management (IAM) strategy is rooted in identity management, access management, and authentication. While each is important, no IAM strategy is truly comprehensive without the ability to ensure these capabilities are correctly applied with organizational oversight across all identities and access. Enter governance.

Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) centers on giving organizations the ability to manage and enforce business policies across the entire enterprise. By enabling organizations to view, certify, and report on identities and their entitlements, proper identity and access controls are maintained and updated even as business processes, data classifications, and personnel change.

Ready to learn how to take your organization’s governance capabilities to the next level? Join us for Advancing Your Identity Management Strategy with the IAM Maturity Model, Part 7 - Governance. Our founder and IAM expert, Troy Moreland, will discuss how to progress from a basic governance strategy, all the way to an intelligent strategy that provides AI decision scoring.

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  • gain actionable insights into how to evaluate your organization’s current Identity Governance maturity level
  • take your Governance strategy to the next level

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