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2020 was anything but standard— so how do we define the education model that occurred in this uncharted territory?

It’s been referred to as remote learning, hybrid, online or digital, blended, and more, but this “pandemic learning” was simply emergency remote learning to adapt to the circumstances.

Devices were issued to students and educators that may not have used them before. At the same time, teachers and students were suddenly required to use platforms, such as Zoom, Google Classroom, and single sign-on (SSO), without prior knowledge or training. Lesson plans and curriculum had to be completely reevaluated. The initial result? Frustration, low engagement, and ultimately, a general hindrance of the learning process. 

But as we look back, innovative methods, pioneered out of necessity, are emerging. These approaches need to be shared, celebrated, and incorporated into K-12’s new normal: technology-infused learning. 

Join Mandy Froehlich, Author and Education Consultant, and Carter Dunbar, Director of Product Marketing at Identity Automation, host an interactive discussion encompassing challenges, best practices, and success stories as they relate to technology-infused learning.

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