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Things Should Just Work! But Do They?

Delivering a digital ecosystem that is flexible, empowering, and “things to just work!” comes down to three things: Automation, Security, and Interoperability. But you might not know that the key to solving these challenges is unlocking the power of your user base’s digital identities.

This eBook provides an identity-driven, best practice approach to establishing a solid foundation of automation and user security—tailored to the unique needs of colleges and universities.

Download to learn how to tackle challenges, such as:

  • Lifecycle management of your FULL digital ecosystem, including external users, applicants, & alumni
  • Simplifying the management of users with multiple affiliations & entry points
  • Proactively preventing ransomware attacks 
  • Streamlining users’ login experience by consolidating legacy federation methods 
  • Sharing university system services, while maintaining control of independently owned services