K-12 districts face a unique and evolving cybersecurity landscape. This session delves into the types of threats and adversaries specifically targeting schools, equipping you with the knowledge to safeguard your district.

Watch Michael Webb, CTO, Identity Automation and Matt Roper, Supervisor, Network and Security, Cherokee County (GA) School District discuss emerging and persistent cyber threats targeting the K-12 sector. Hear their recommended tactics to defend against threats and gain the knowledge necessary to protect your students, staff and valuable data. 


PhishID is our industry-leading solution to prevent attacks where it matters most: a user’s browser. Regardless of a threat’s origin — be it social media, email, or text messages — your people and technology are protected.

Identity Automation has partnered with K12 SIX to answer the call from CISA to offer cybersecurity protection for full time employees at no cost to US school districts as a means of protecting American infrastructure from malicious attacks focused on ransomware events and student data harvesting.

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