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The rapid transition of healthcare from paper-based to digital—where electronic medical records (EMRs) and online patient portals are the norm—has created new challenges in securing and managing access to personal health data and clinical applications. Healthcare organizations need to achieve the balance of efficient access to digital tools and records while meeting HIPAA and HITECH compliance – without sacrificing organizational productivity.

Watch this webinar to learn how Identity Automation and Med Tech Solutions can make your healthcare organization more secure through the 2020 KLAS top ranked Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution.

Key Takeaways Include:

  • Balancing security and usability while protecting sensitive data and resources
  • Ensuring regulatory compliance without sacrificing organizational productivity
  • How to manage diverse and variable workforce constituencies including transfers, retirees, interns, volunteers, temps, and more
  • How an effective IAM strategy increases employee satisfaction and efficiency, adding time back to allow clinicians to see more patients
  • How to manage vendors, contractors, consultants and other 3rd party remote access through your firewallstdowns and staff uncertainty
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