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For higher education IT departments, COVID-19 simultaneously transformed everything and nothing. The pandemic forced IT teams to quickly deliver and support remote learning and work technologies to faculty, staff, and students. However, what hasn’t changed is the need to rapidly deliver flexible access to IT services and support hybrid and distance education. Ultimately, in order to successfully achieve academic continuity, colleges and universities must move away from unsustainable custom scripts and legacy systems, manual approval processes for access, and account-by-account provisioning.

Watch this on-demand webinar with Identity Automation and Moran Technology Consulting to discover why modern Identity and Access Management (IAM) hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the key to enabling academic continuity in higher education. By providing streamlined and secure remote access, automated identity lifecycle management, and the flexibility to support evolving business requirements, IAM allows higher education to do more with less resources while enhancing security and the end user experience.


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