Protect Your District from Phishing Attacks 

As phishing attacks rise, safeguarding your school district is more important than ever. K12 Security Information eXchange (K12 SIX) and Identity Automation are answering the call from the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) to offer protection through the Phishing Protection Program. Districts that participate in the program receive staff licenses of PhishID* anti-phishing software at no cost. With this program, we are going above and beyond the Secure by Design Pledge to protect students and staff from malicious online threats. Part of our pledge includes providing no-cost protection to districts, alleviating budget pressures and speeding up deployment times for defensive measures. Contact us today to join the Phishing Protection Program.


*Identity Automation reserves the right to cap the number of licenses to ensure we can cover as many districts as possible. We also reserve the right to prioritize deployments based on a variety of factors, including district readiness and speed to deploy the licenses. Licenses available while supplies last.

Join our K-12 Phishing Protection Program

Strengthen Your School’s Phishing Prevention Efforts

Now is the time to take action. Over the past five years, ransomware attacks cost educational institutions over $53B in downtime. We recognize the urgent need for enhanced K-12 protection against phishing. The PhishID program from Identity Automation and K12SIX empowers schools with powerful phishing prevention to stop the acquisition of user credentials.
The program’s PhishID software can:

• Protect users from district- specific, zero day spear phishing attacks.
• Prevent phishing attacks from any communication channel, not just email.
• Get up and running in just a few days or less.
• Protect employee accounts without disruption or end user training.
• Provide threat metrics that help you understand the level of threat your district faces.
growing threats to your school's cybersecurity

A Growing Threat to Your School’s Cybersecurity

Successful phishing attacks are often stealthy and sophisticated—making it difficult to detect them. In a recent threat report, we uncovered the ways malicious actors are targeting students with tactics that evade traditional surveillance. 

The report details:

  • Data showing the increase in attacks
  • How malicious actors leverage MFA gaps
  • Ways proxy sites target students
  • How students use URL cloaking and content filters
  • Ways schools can prevent attacks
Dowlnoad Threat Report

Highly Trusted Anti-phishing Software for Education

Our main priority at Identity Automation is protecting the K-12 community. As part of the Phishing Protection Program with K12 SIX, participating school districts will receive anti-phishing solutions tailored specifically to serve the needs of teachers, students and staff. 

To protect the K-12 community, PhishID anti-phishing software leverages AI to easily identify phishing attempts and prevent users from revealing their credentials where it matters most — their browsers. Most importantly, the program’s anti-phishing solution doesn’t interrupt the learning process.

Point-of-click Prevention

Warns any user at the moment they would fall victim to a credential phishing attack.

Phishing Attack Insights

View all phishing attacks, including campaign types, targeted users and browser telemetry.

AI-powered Anti-phishing Technology

Evolves your organization’s anti-phishing protection as new threats emerge.

k12 phishing protection program

Join the K-12 Phishing Protection Program

We’re proud to support districts nationwide with the Phishing Protection Program, developed to exceed CISA’s Secure by Design Pledge. Get in touch to participate in the program at no cost to your district.