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What is the key to integration success during an M&A?

As much as 60 percent of the synergies in an M&A are IT-related, so ensuring an M&A generates the expected ROI comes down to effective IT integration. However, the process is incredibly complex—most M&As are considered abysmal failures.

With customer satisfaction, employee retention, and profitability on the line, the key to integration success is to take as much of the complexity out of the process as possible. Here’s where having a flexible, modern IAM solution in place prior to an M&A can help.

Download this eBook to learn how a modern IAM solution can:

  • Grant day-one access

  • Automate identity management across multiple domains

  • Integrate technology stacks without custom coding or compromise

  • Immediately step up security of the acquired company

  • Avoid disruptions and delays