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Now Offering Free MFA and SSO Licenses

Many organizations out there are faced with the immediate challenge of maintaining continuity of in the face of temporary closings. We realize that this is more than just a technology challenge. There is much to be considered, such as how to enable your employees to work effectively from home.

Identity Automation is fully staffed, and to the extent that we can help your organization meet some of its immediate challenges, we are prepared to do so.

Effective immediately, Identity Automation is prepared to help both future and current customers by granting temporary licenses and installation training for these products (at no cost to you - and no strings attached):

  • Single Sign-On temporary licenses (SSO for web-applications only and may depend on your service providers.)
  • Multi-Factor Authentication for Federation licenses (MFA to the SSO portal) (MFA for Federation temporary license will only include Pictograph, Password, Challenge, QR Codes, and OTP Soft-Token.)
  • Temporary licenses will expire on September 30, 2020.
  • Group Training Sessions to be scheduled for Tuesdays and Thursdays (one topic each day) at 10:00AM and 2:00PM CST. Please email and ask to be added to a session.
  • Ongoing support will be at your existing support level.

It is our hope that these temporary licenses will provide much-needed assistance during this time and that everyone in your organization remain well.

If you’re interested in letting us help you with these temporary licenses and installation training to get them up and running in your environment, please submit the form and a representative will reach out to you.