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“RapidIdentity’s workflow engine has quickly allowed us to accomplish an impressive amount of work with a small IT staff.”

Annette Herns - Director of System Reporting, Houston Community College

Houston Community College Utilized RapidIdentity Workflows to Automate Ad-Hoc Access Requests.

Houston Community College (HCC) is the fourth largest community college in the US, with more than 80,000 students, faculty, and staff.

The college also serves a vast external community, resulting in the annual management of 140,000 user accounts. This large number of user accounts led to a multitude of manual, ad-hoc access requests that consumed a significant amount of the administration team’s time.

Learn how HCC used RapidIdentity to:

  • Empower HCC administrators to create their own workflows without writing custom code
  • Administer approvals for digital and physical resources
  • Effortlessly manage non-traditional user access

HCC Workflows


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