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Enabling K-12 Information Portals with RapidIdentity.

With more than 113,000 students, Cypress-Fairbanks ISD is the third-largest school district in Texas. In 2006, the district began making student progress information available to parents via the Internet.

While the system did a good job of providing secure access for parents who wanted to view their students’ grades online, Cypress-Fairbanks had a larger vision of what they could do. The district leveraged RapidIdentity to form the basis of a new cloud-based education portal. 

Learn how Cypress-Fairbanks used RapidIdentity to:

  • Enable parents to securely view grades, test scores, district news, and digital report cards online
  • Automatically provision parents with portal access, as well as reset their own passwords 
  • Create an online document library where forms can be centrally stored and accessed by parents

Cypress-Fairbanks ISD

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