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“We’re synchronizing tens of thousands of groups almost in real-time. We’re creating and moving around accounts at a very high rate. RapidIdentity has given us a lot of flexibility and removed barriers to change.”

Dr. Adam Seldow, Ed.D. - Executive Director of Technology, Chesterfield Public Schools

Chesterfield County Public Schools gives 58,000 students automated access to the latest teaching tools.

The Chesterfield County Public Schools (CCPS) is consistently recognized for programs that provide excellence in education. Home to more than 58,000 students spread across 62 schools, CCPS wanted to connect them to their 4,200 teachers and to up-to-date teaching tools.

Learn how Chesterfield used Identity Automation software to:

  • Easily manage over 60,000 identities
  • Grant Single Sign-On (SSO) access to multiple SaaS systems
  • Complete most deployment and management internally using Identity Automation training

Chesterfield County Public Schools

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