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“We have a system that is built for the future and built for growth so we can continue our progress toward more e-learning and using more online resources.”

Christopher Bress - Executive Director of Learning through Technology and Media, Charlotte County School District

Charlotte County Public Schools uses RapidIdentity to keep up with students and parents.

Charlotte County Public Schools has been designated a high-performing school district for nine years in a row. But responding to new technology requirements to get all students and parents in a comprehensive system left the IT department overwhelmed and short-staffed.

A new identity management system from Identity Automation helped turn things around and automated processes that were previously manual.

Learn how Charlotte County used the new system to:

  • Manage identities for 30,000 parents, students, and teachers, across 22 domains
  • Roll out access to Google Apps and Office 365 in record time
  • Internalized management through Identity Automation's certified training program
  • And accomplished this all within weeks, not months

Charlotte County Schools

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