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How mature is your organization's Identity and Access Management (IAM) program? 

At its core, delegation is about empowering the business. Known as delegated administration, self-service capabilities within an Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution streamline processes and free-up IT staff to focus on more strategic processes.

By increasing the maturity of delegated administration, an organization can shift control of IT processes, such as access requests, password resets, MFA method resets, and even enabling employees to request and manage account credentials for external contractors or consultants, to other areas of the organization—without sacrificing security or IT oversight.

Watch this webinar to

  • gain actionable insights into how to evaluate your organization’s current Delegated Administration maturity level
  • learn about the progression from basic delegation tasks, all the way to an intelligent strategy
  • maximize your organization’s investment in IAM
image - Advancing Your Identity Management Strategy with the IAM Maturity Model, Part 4 - Delegated Admin


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