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From a central concentration to broad, virtual distribution, technology within school districts has rapidly evolved, as more and more services move to the cloud and classrooms shift to digital. While this expansion creates opportunities to drive business outcomes, it also presents unique identity and access management (IAM) challenges— such as protecting student data and tracking attendance.

Ultimately, long-term IT success comes down to integrating modern identity management solutions into a district's strategic vision. Learn how Humble ISD leveraged a modern IAM solution, RapidIdentity, to not only increase IT efficiency through automated provisioning and management of users’ academic lifecycles, but also to drive outcomes with student engagement insights. Dustin Hardin, Chief Technology Officer at Humble ISD, will share his first-hand experience about how Humble ISD made a seamless transition to the cloud as part of the district’s long-term vision to increase their security posture in a simple and scalable way.



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